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Welcome to Tool Makers Microscopes

Welcome to Toolmakers Microscopes

We are your source for measuring microscopes. Our optical equipment is able to view and measure hole diameters, linear distances, thread angles, thread pitch, tool edges, tool wear surfaces, and more! Toolmaker’s instruments get their name from their main application of measuring and viewing tool edges and wear surfaces in the tooling industry. However, these optical devices are great for doing general micro measurements. Their x-y stage micrometers allow precise measurement of distances and circles. The crosshair reticle in the eyepiece gives a precise point of reference as the stage is moved and the stage micrometers are used to provide a readout of distance traveled.

Precise measurement of lengths, diameters, and distances is important for many applications in industry. Common tools and equipment are measuring microscopes and vernier calipers. The two major measurement standards are the English system and metric system. Metrology (derived from greek ‘metron’ (measure), and -logy) is the science of measurement. A manual or digital vernier caliper is able to give basic measurements. The English measuring system unit of precise measurement is in mils (1/1000th of an inch) while the metric unit of measurement is in microns (1 millionth of a meter). The least count measurement (smallest incremental divisible resolution) of our micrometer heads on our equipment is 0.01mm, which is 10 microns. To put that in perspective, a red blood cell is 7 microns diameter. A human hair is about 40 to 120 microns thickness. And one English mil is about 0.025mm (25 microns). We sell stage micrometers of various sizes for calibration of magnification and reference measurement. Our most common stage micrometer is 1mm subdivided into 100 divisions of 0.01mm resolution.

Whatever your microscopy needs are, please contact us. Allow our skilled technicians to make an educated recommendation to meet your application. Often, we can recommend different optical measuring equipment that may better meet a customer’s needs. For example, a metallurgical unit also can be fitted for measuring capability and even digital stage micrometers. In addition, some customers may need an optical comparator or profile projector.

As a professional dealership, our goal is to provide the right equipment at an affordable price.

Purchase of our equipment entitles you to training and quality technical support as needed.

Please call us today to discuss your application measurement equipment needs. Our skilled technicians are always happy to help.