30X Toolmaker's
Measuring Microscope
W/ X-Y Stage Micrometers 


MODEL: to0095000a
Shipping Cost: To be determined


Original Price: $2,749.98 USD

Sale Price: 1,900.00 USD


Eyepieces and Magnification

  • Toolmakers Microscope for Measuring!
  • Precision measurements of diameters, threads, angles, lengths, and distance between two points on the part to measure.
  • Large moveable stage travels in the X and Y direction with the turning of the stage micrometers. Distances can be read from the micrometer tool.
  • Simply position the crosshair in the eyepiece, then move the stage so the cross hair is at the second point. Then, read out the distance traveled on the stage micrometer.
  • Wide variety of uses for this measuring tool include quality control inspection on small manufactured parts, gears, and threads.


  • Upper as well as Base illumination to meet any needs.
  • Transmitted (below the stage) Variable Intensity Illumination is best for viewing contours and transparent parts.
  • Incident/reflected illumination (from the top) on an oblique angle and with variable intensity clearly highlights specimen parts on the stage. Two lights, one from each side on the top, reducing unwanted shadowing effect.
  • LED Bulbs for Maximum energy efficiency and illumination without significant heat as from an incandescent bulb.

Microscope Head Details

  • Observation Tube: Monocular, Inclined at 30 Degrees from Vertical.
  • Goniometric Head for Measuring Angles.
  • Eyepiece Protractor: Graduated 0 – 360 Degrees with Adjustable Vernier Reading to 6 Min.

Stage Specifications

  • Large Measuring Stage.
  • Stage Movement: X = 65mm, Y = 65mm. Includes gauge blocks to increase travel beyond this limit.
  • Glass Stage Plate to allow bottom transmitted illumination.
  • Manual Analog Micrometer Heads: One for X-Direction, One for Y-Direction.
  • Standard Analog Manual Micrometer Heads: 0 – 50mm, Least Count Resolution 0.01mm.


  • Focusing knob on right side of Microscope.
  • Coarse Adjustment Travel Range: xx mm. (Head Movement Distance Up/Down).
  • Head raises and lowers with the movement of durable rack and pinion steel gears.

Frame – Base – Size – Weight

  • Solidly built frame and base reduces vibration and aids with small measurements.
  • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 450 mm.
  • Instrument Weight: 27 lbs.

Option Accessories

  • Optional Objectives: 5x (USD 150) and 10x (USD 190).
  • Optional 10x eyepiece with crosshair. USD 80.
  • Optional digital X-Y micrometers with 25mm travel range (USD 600) or 50mm travel (USD 900). Convertible English-Metric unit system.
  • Optional Dial Indicator Gauge System for Measuring Depth. USD 240.
  • Optional Rotary Stage. USD 210.
  • Ships in Molded Styrofoam Container for protection.
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • 110 VAC Power Requirement (Contact us about 220V availability).
  • High Quality Solid Construction!
  • Precision Made Glass Optics!
  • Brand New, Never Used!
  • Warranty is 5 years on all microscope equipment.
  • The microscope warranty covers problems arising from normal usage.
  • We will repair or replace your defective microscopy equipment as needed during the warranty period.